2019 Literature Review part 2: shoulder, wrist, and hand pain

We distribute newsletters every week to educate you—our patients—on some of the most common injuries and conditions that we treat, and to explain why we always recommend seeing a physical therapist first when dealing with any type of pain. In working
December 10, 2019

2019 Literature Review part 1: neck, back, and jaw pain

We distribute news each week to help educate you—our patients—on some of the most common injuries and conditions that we treat, and to explain why we always recommend seeing a physical therapist early when dealing with any type of pain.
December 3, 2019

Better results and lower costs by seeing a physical therapist early

Evidence on use of physical therapy during an initial episode of low back pain is mixed
Low back pain (LBP) is one of the most common health conditions, as about 65-80% of adults will experience it at some point in their lifetime. Many treatment options
November 26, 2019

Seeing a physical therapist first can lead to better results

Some patients may put off going to physical therapy for any number of reasons, sometimes for an extended period. Individuals might believe that their condition will improve on its own, that treatment is too expensive for their budget, or they may
November 19, 2019

Opioids can be avoided by seeing a physical therapist first.

Visiting a physical therapist for injuries and painful conditions is always a smart choice that can lead to similar—or better—outcomes compared to surgery, and at a lower cost. But this is just one of the numerous benefits that physical therapy ca
November 12, 2019

Physical therapy can help avoid the expenses of surgery

If you experience an injury or happen to be in pain for a long period of time, relief may eventually become your number one priority. There are many treatment options available to address these 8types of issues, and what’s right for you depends on
November 5, 2019

For patients who repeatedly sprain their ankles hands-on PT can help

Ankle sprains are the most common injury in athletes and those who are physically active. In addition to the initial pain and disability that these injuries cause, up to 41% of patients who sprain their ankle once will go on to develop a condition called
October 29, 2019

For ankle/foot pain, rest, massage, and footwear adjustments are best

Try to think about all the movements that are needed to get you through a typical day. Chances are, regardless of what type of work you do or what your day consists of, you’ll notice that you probably use your feet and ankles at least a fair amount
October 15, 2019

Treat your feet right and stay conditioned to avoid injury

For most of us our feet provide the freedom to get from point A to B with minimal effort. But even though they provide this incredible ability, it’s easy to take the feet for granted, and perhaps we often ignore these wonderful appendages.
October 8, 2019

Foot & ankle injuries are a common problem for active individuals

Over time, exercise and physical activity tend to strain certain areas of the body to the point of pain, and this distribution is not equally divided. While the region that’s affected has much to do with the activity being performed, there are some
October 1, 2019

PT leads to improvements for patients with common jaw disorder

Temporomandibular disorder (TMD) is a term used to describe a set of common conditions that affect the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). The TMJ connects the jaw to the skull and allows it to move up and down and from side to side. Typical symptoms of TMDs
September 26, 2019

You can alleviate your jaw pain with some simple home remedies

Whether you realize it or not, you use your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pretty often. This joint connects your lower jaw to the rest of the skull right in front of your ears, and you can actually feel it if you touch right below your temples and open y
September 17, 2019

Avoid a jaw problem by chewing properly and practicing good posture

There are over 200 bones in the human body, and the head and face account for 22 of these. Of the face and head bones, the lower jawbone—or mandible—is the only one that can move. The mandible is connected to the temporal bone of the skull a
September 10, 2019

Jaw disorders can cause problems for similar reasons at different ages

Pain can develop just about anywhere in your body, and regardless of where it occurs, can prove to be an annoying problem. The jaw is one region that doesn’t get discussed as often as more common injury sites like the knees or the neck, but disorde
September 3, 2019

Value of PT is found to be far better than surgery for meniscus tears

The meniscus is a wedge-shaped piece of cartilage between the thighbone and the shinbone. There are two menisci (plural of meniscus) in each of your knees, and the job of each of these structures is to stabilize the knee joint and absorb shock. Tears of
August 29, 2019

Don't let your knee pain stop you from staying active

Regardless of your age, activity level, or daily habits, you need your knees to function well and to live your days as you’d like to. But when pain arises—whether it’s due to a traumatic injury like a strain or sprain, a condition that&
August 20, 2019

Weight loss, improving strength, & flexibility help avoid knee pain

You may not realize how well your knees serve you until a problem arises. These large and complex joints play a major role in just about every movement that involves your legs, permitting you to sit, stand, walk, run, and jump on a regular basis. When p
August 13, 2019

Bearing the weight of the body, the knees are a common source of pain

There are certain areas of the body that are simply more prone to pain than others, and the knee is one region that clearly falls into this category. Knee pain ranks just behind back pain as the second most common condition that affects the muscles and b
August 6, 2019

PT & surgery lead to similar outcomes for patients with hip condition

Twelve months after patients were randomized to treatment, scores on the iHOT-33 improved in both groups. Scores increased from 35.6 to 49.7 points in the physical therapy group, and from 39.2 to 58.8 in the surgery group. Further calculations showed th
July 30, 2019

Tending to mild injuries right after they occur can make a difference

While these simple remedies are best for mild injuries, more severe injuries require care from a trained professional. In these cases, it’s best to see a physical therapist, who will perform a thorough evaluation of your condition and create a pers
July 16, 2019